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Socializing Kids

 How You Socialize Kids at your Homestead:

Top Contributor at Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats on the Homestead  Facebook Group:
I pick them(kids) up frequently. I'm there for every birth and start from that moment on until they leave my farm to go to their new homes. I feel that very early connection is really helpful. Every morning part of my routine is to be sure to pick up every kid and hold them even if just a few seconds. I repeat this every time I go into the barn...even when I have 50+ kids. Sometimes I sit in the barn and just let them climb on me...never chasing. When they start eating grain I go down the line and pet them as they eat and if there is one who is a bit more skittish, I take that opportunity to pick them up and hand feed them. I also have a retired friend who loves my goats who comes over frequently to hold them. If children come over I have a firm rule that teaches them to move slowly and not chase the kids. They sit on a bale and let the kids come to them. I also introduce them to taking a bottle early so I can bottle feed in the morning after separating the kids at night so I can start milking before the kids are weaned."
Thank you, Lynn, and everyone who is responding and helping newer goat owners by relating what you are doing with your kids. 

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