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Kelp For Goats

Organic Kelp Meal Fertilizer (50lb) | Planet Natural

Kelp meal is a particularly rich source of minerals, trace elements, and other nutrients and is an ideal human health food, animal feed supplement, and plant fertilizer. 

Why Feed Kelp to Goats? Kelp is nature's most complete source of bioavailable minerals, vitamins, and beneficial phytonutrients, and delivers a range of stress-relieving benefits. The trace minerals in Kelp are essential for proper immune and thyroid function. Kelp is an excellent supplement in raw, dehydrated, frozen, and dried foods - for skin and coat health, clearer eyes, and immune response. Make Kelp part of your wellness program today. The trace minerals in kelp provides many health benefits for pets and livestock. Kelp promotes shiny coat, supple skin, better growth rates and reproductive performance, purges heavy metals, increases milk yields, more efficient feed utilization, better glandular health, pigmentation, boosts immune system, supports thyroid function, promotes eye health, etc.

The use of Kelp meal for goats is suggested as follows:
Provide kelp meal free choice to all goats, but especially young kids as it is rich in selenium. The kelp meal should be placed in such a way that it will not become soiled or contaminated by the elements. Your goats will ingest the kelp meal as they see fit - they seem to know when they need it.

It is also a common practice to add kelp meal to custom feed mixes but it should be noted, copper and sulphur are recommended to be added to the mineral supplementation in addition to the kelp meal. Depending upon your goats specific mineral requirements, a standard mixture of kelp meal would be:

  • 1 pound per every 50 pounds of typical goat feed.
  • If you do not wish to use Kelp Meal free choice, offer 2 Tablespoons per goat in their daily grain.

At AppleJo Farms, we order our Organic Kelp Meal from the local Feed Mill or MFA in 50 lb bags.

While we use an excellent free choice mineral, we noticed some goats with missing patches of hair and a dull coat. We added kelp to their daily breakfast and what a nice difference it makes!

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