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Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Colors

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Colors
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Colors
One of the most misunderstood color patterns are moon spots.
(Information credit goes to KW Farms.)
What are moon spots?

Moon spots are a unique, dominant pigmented spotting pattern. Moon spots are round, but irregular and randomly placed over pigmented areas of the coat. They vary in color. Ranging from light creme to silver to tan to dark brown. They can come in many different colors, but will never be *true white or *true black. Moon spots on kids often (not always) start out dark and will lighten as they age. It's possible for a goat to have more than one color of moon spots on the coat.

The moon spotting gene has not been mapped, but is believed to be a dominant gene. Meaning at least one parent must have the gene for them in order to pass them onto offspring. Sometimes moon spots can hide on the coat. The level of expression varies from little to no visible moon spotting to completely covered in moon spotting. A moon spot can be as tiny as just a few hairs and can also be "hidden" by white markings. 

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