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Choosing A Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat

What is Your Objective in owning and breeding Nigerian Dwarf Goats?
What is Your Objective in owning and breeding Nigerian Dwarf Goats?
How to Build the Herd to Meet Your Goals
  • If you have a goal of having a heavy milk line in your Nigerian Goats, the fastest way to increase this quality in your herd is through a Buck which has great milk production genetics. 
  • Paloma-Olivia will be kidding very soon. She has a proven heavy milk production. We will be selling her Bucklings. Make a free reservation now if you want an opportunity to purchase one.
  • Classy will be kidding May 15th. She took 7th place at the 2019 ADGA National Show! If you are looking for a herd sire to produce Show-Ring kids, Classy is a superb choice to purchase a buckling from. She also comes from a Washington herd which participates in milk production tests, thus her kids are a perfect choice when breeding for the milk pail is desired.
  • AppleJo Farms is happy to be your Goat Mentor, assisting with choices of kids which will help you meet your herd goals and answering goat keeping questions as well, no charge!
  • We are here to help so please just call or text: 417-665-8996 JoAnna of AppleJo Farms Missouri

AppleJo Farms is dedicated to breeding, nurturing and placing Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats with Farms where they will flourish!


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