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Red Cell Supplement

Red Cell Vitamin Iron Mineral Supplement

What is Red Cell and When Do You Use It With Goats?

Red Cell is an orally-dosed over-the-counter equine product. This vitamin-iron blood building supplement increases energy and stamina. It's a rich source of iron, vitamins and trace minerals. Yucca flavored for palatability and homogenized for maximum consistency. Contains 300 mg. of chelated iron per ounce. Check with your veterinarian for dosage for goats. It is made for horses and has been long used for goats. May be purchased online or in the horse isle at your Farm Store.

  • May be given in a syringe or top dressed on feed
  • For newborn kids, I give 3 drops the first day. For Doe day of giving birth I give 5 ml.
  • In general, when goat looks underweight or just isn't acting like it is 100% well, I give 1 mL per 10 lbs as a loading dose and follow with 1 ml per 20 lbs for 5 days.
  • If you are clipping hoofs or disbudding or moving a goat, it is stressful and can often cause parasites to have a big bloom. Because of this, I always give goats Red Cell at those times. Watch the parasites closely at these times. They may also need a dewormer.
  • For a very anemic adult goat (check the color of the inside of their eyelids) I would start with 6cc's red cell orally for 3-4 days. Then I would decrease it to 3 cc's daily & monitor the color of their eyelids. Depending on the severity of anemia will depend on the length of dosing. Also giving one injection of 4 cc per 100 lbs bodyweight of Vitamin B12 is important in these critical situations. This is an injection and is given once total.
  • While it is possible to overdose a goat with iron (and copper) products, this is highly unlikely to happen even with daily dosing, for 5 days, of Red Cell(except in kids-2 days max) because rebuilding red blood cells occurs slowly and this is given orally not injected. The fat soluable vitamins in Red Cell or any supplement are stored in the tissues thus, just exercise normal caution and do not over dose Red Cell or any vitamin supplement or medication. Injected medication and supplements are far more powerful than oral because they stay in the tissues much longer than oral.

Note: If you are unsure or have never used these products, always ask your goat Vet first. The above suggested dosages have worked well for experienced goat keepers, however, it's best to check with your goat Vet first if you are new to treating your own goats. 

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