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Bottle Feeding Kids

Bottle Feeding Kids!

Use Goat Nipple, Small Animal Milk Pritchard Nipple for Bottle Feeding Goats
Fits slip-tip and luer-lock syringes and also fits many water bottles. Pritchard Nipple bottles may be purchased.
  • Amazon: $12.88 + tax for 8 nipples.
  • ValleyVet also sells them.
Do not cut hole in tip too large or kids will not drink. They must be able to suck the milk out for proper digestion.
Warm milk by running hot tap water into a glass and sit bottle in it. Kids will not drink if it is too hot or too cold. It's important that the goat's milk is warm just like it comes from their mama. We tested the temperature on our wrists, it should be just a touch warmer than or as warm as what you would offer a human baby. (A goat's normal body temp is 102-103 degrees F.) I heat mine to approx: 99 degrees and kids love it.

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