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AppleJo Farms

47 Blue Ridge Dr.

Eldon, Mo

AppleJo Farms  47 Blue Ridge Dr.  Eldon, Mo

Home of the Famous Top 10 Kona Milk Performance Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat & many more from Top 10 performance genetics!

Classy Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Doe

Classy Udder Nigerian Dairy Goat Doe

Welcome to our homestead, AppleJo Farms, nestled at the doorstep of the beautiful Ozark Hills and Mountains of Missouri. We welcome you to sample and purchase our most luscious and nutritious raw or pasteurized goat milk, whisked into being by our Nigerian Dairy Goats. We also offer farm-fresh eggs from chickens fed with select natural feed, a true delicacy of the Homestead.

Performance Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat 

We breed from ADGA Registered Top 10 Milk Performance Genetics and sell to Homesteaders at affordable prices. We believe everyone who is willing to work hard at caring for their herd, should have the opportunity to own quality milk producers. 

nigerian dairy goats for sale



Text me: 417-665-8996

2023 began DNA testing on all bucks and does we breed from here at AppleJo Farms and continues into 2024.
Why? DNA verification is a form of quality assurance for the selection of breeding animals. When you buy a kid from AppleJo Farms, you are getting exactly what their Pedigree says you are getting, no guessing!
From ADGA Jim VanDerlinde
Performance Programs Manager
American Dairy Goat Association: DNA RESULTS
  • Parentage and Genetic Marker results for PATS BLACK OAK FARM MCGIBBONY(ADG33279)
  • PATS BLACK OAK FARM MCGIBBONY PD2271962 qualifies as an offspring of LITTLE HOOFPRINTS KONA PD1718990 and PATS BLACK OAK FARM SAMSON PD2130910.
  • The DNA type for PATS BLACK OAK FARM MCGIBBONY(ADG33279) is listed as a permanent record or parentage tested and is now on file in the ADGA database
A and B variants are associated with a high content of alpha-s1 casein in milk. Milk with high levels of ALPHA-s1 CASEIN is said to produce a firmer curd in cheese making.
Phenotype: The gene underlying the production of alpha-s1 casein in goat's milk shows polymorphisms that affect the amount of protein and fat produced. Higher levels of alpha-s1 casein are associated with the best cheese-making.
  • Please read all about McGibbony, the offspring of famous LITTLE HOOFPRINTS KONA, who also is part of AppleJo Farms herd. Kona (McGibbony's Dam) is #1 in Top Ten MILK PRODUCTION (2130# of milk for the year) AND #1 in Top Ten Protein Production in the nation, 2021.
  • McGibbony is bred to Jitterbug and Classy thus far for the January 2024 AppleJo Farms kidding season. If solid milking and cheese production and correct confirmation are qualities you want in your herd, please email us to get on their waitlist or make reservations ASAP:
  • Kona's Reservation list is already full, and we are taking Wait List applicants only, for her, at this time. 
How Are Goats Available For Sale Here at AppleJo Farms raised?

AppleJo Farms milking routine is in full swing here at our brand new Dairy Barn Milking facility. In most cases we allow our does to raise their own kids, separating them from one another at night once the kids are eating solid feed and giving their kids a morning bottle. This provides plenty of milk for the farm family each morning and, we feel, produces healthier, much more human socialized kids. That being said, not all kids want a bottle. Thus we do not advertise our kids as bottle babies. We try our best to socialize all kids. Please know you will need to continue to work with them, to socialize them, when you take them home. It's the nature of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. 

New Testing is being done on all of AppleJo Farms Goats. Each goats DNA is used to perform this very important test to find out what variants our milk contains of Alpha-S1 Casein

What is Alpha-S1 Casein
The gene underlying the production of Alpha-S1 Casein in goat's milk shows polymorphisms that affect the amount of protein and fat produced. This test detects variants known to be correlated with high and low production levels of alpha-s1 casein.
Phenotype: The gene underlying the production of alpha-s1 casein in goat's milk shows polymorphisms that affect the amount of protein and fat produced. Higher levels of alpha-s1 casein are associated with the best cheese-making, and research suggests that low levels may be associated with reduced milk sensitivities for some people.
  • E, F, N = associated with low content of alpha-s1 casein
  • A, B = associated with high content of alpha-s1 casein

AppleJo Farms is a Family Owned Homestead. We will be offering For Sale fresh Goats Milk

New Beginning February 2024
AppleJo Farms is a Family Owned Homestead. We offer For Sale fresh Raw Goats Milk by the Gallon or Quart and a few other sizes. 
We have a small Homestead Store here at AppleJo Farms new Dairy Barn. Low to No Sugar Baked Goods with Organic flour, Farm Fresh Eggs, Fresh organically grown produce in season, Jams and Jellies, etc are now available.  We are open every Friday from 10 to 7 p.m. and the last Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 1. 
To Pre-Order: go to our online Store to order and pay. Unless otherwise arranged, pick-up is Tuesday's 5-7 pm and on Friday's 9-12. 
Here's the link to our Ordering:
Low to No Sugar Baked Goods with Organic flour, Farm Fresh Eggs, Fresh organically grown produce in season, Jams and Jellies, etc.
AppleJo Farms Homestead Store
A New Weekly Menu goes live
every Sunday by 8p.m.
Go to our Hotplate website to enter your contact information and you will be sent a text announcing each weeks new Menu.
AppleJo Farms Homestead Store
AppleJo Farms
AppleJo Farms Homestead Store Location:
47 Blue Ridge Dr. ELDON MISSOURI
Questions are always welcome!
Text 417-665-8996
Order: Bread, Milk & Eggs at
Sourdough Bread for sale
Homestead Country Store
Location: 47 Blue Ridge Dr.
Eldon, Missouri

Come every Tuesday and Friday of each week  to AppleJo Farms Homestead Country Store, where we offer our wholesome delicious bakery delights as well as sourdough breads farm fresh eggs and coming soon--goat milk. Oh, such a sight to behold, where the bounty of nature is transformed by the skillful hands of a family, with love and the Homesteader spirit of our parents and grandparents before us.

Our Homestead Store Hours:

Tuesdays: 5 p.m.-7 p.m.

Fridays: 9 a.m. -12:00

If these times are not possible, we offer delivery or pre-arranged appointments by texting 417-665-8996

AppleJo Farms Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats For Sale and Homestead Country Store Location: 47 Blue Ridge Dr. Eldon, Missouri

Sourdough Bread Eggs Jelly AppleJo Farms Store

Questions always welcome!
Text: 417-665-8996
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Kids

AppleJo Farms Finnegan  Buck

2024 AppleJo Farms'
Homestead Goals & News For the Season
I'm so proud of all of you Modern Homesteaders! People ask me why I have invested so much effort and money in such top quality goats when I don't show or put them in performance programs at this time. Here's the reason. The time and expense involved in participating in those excellent programs, will take away from accomplishing my chief goal & focus. This is to support Homesteaders like you! I want all of you who have the need for a highly productive dairy herd to be able to afford to buy them at a reasonable fair price and flourish under your care. To do this, I need to be here at AppleJo Farm tending to the daily needs of our herd and the Homestead, spending resources wisely. The results are worth it! Kids available from our breeding are robust, human socialized, with higher volume & quality milk production & show potential. All of that and more, available at an affordable price for many Homesteaders.
2023 was all about finding the very best genetics in specific Dams and Bucks which have an outstanding record in Performance Programs such as the ADGA Top Ten Performance Breed Leaders List. These are leaders in Milk Production, Butterfat Productions and Protein Production. Also, other Performance Programs and ADGA National winners have factored prominently in my search of bucklings and doelings to add to my new herd in 2023. We now have top milk performance does having kids available. Put your Reservation or Wait List request in now to be notified when kids arrive!
To be on a specific does kid Reservation list, a $200 per kid, non-refundable deposit needs to be made at the time you make your kid choices.
New for 2024: AppleJo Farms will be offering Goat Transport for kids purchased by Homesteaders in Missouri and northern Arkansas. This Transport service will help make it possible for many to purchase AppleJo Farms kids and pay for us to Transport your kids directly to you at your Homestead.
We still encourage all who can make the trip to pick up your kids here at AppleJo Farm to do so as the Free Pick-up-Day Workshop is worth participating in. You will learn how to tattoo and give injections and hoof trim and fully care for your kids as they come home to your Homestead. 
Just as promised: 
Welcome AppleJo Farms new Herd Sire!
Black Oak Farms McGibbony! 
AppleJo Farms new Herd Sire! Black Oak Farms McGibbony
McGibbony WAS Born Sept 23, 2022 at Black Oak Farm to the current #1 Doe Breed Leader ADGA SG LITTLE HOOFPRINTS KONA 2021 PERFORMANCE BREEDLEADERS:
McGibbony is the last kid to leave Black Oak Farm as Pat Christopher has retired now.
More AppleJo Farms News! 
New Herd Arrivals!
Doeling-Mirikoza Farms Caity
Dam: Herdrock Sweet Caroline 3*M VVV+ 84
Sire: Dill's ROD BOB THE BUILDER *B (Linebred 
on SGCH Dill's XM Keena 4*M EEEE92 and 
SGCH NC Promisedland Pal Macarena 5*M VEEE91)
Doeling-Mirikoza Farms Ellie
 Dam: Sycamore SS uc caramel apple   4*M +vvv 86 (She earned her AR star in milk production, butterfat, and protein in 2022 at 3 yr)
Caramel Apple is the paternal half-sister of 2022 National Champion GCH Agape's Prize French Quarter.
Sire: Cedar View Fabiano *B - his Dam is on the Top 10 in milk production(1620 lbs) and protein

From Tiny Hill Farm in Milton Mills, New Hampshire:
Here's why I chose these  Tiny Hill Nigerian Goats from does on the ADGA elite list, to be the foundation of the new AppleJo Farms Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Herd:
"In 2022 we had ten does on the ADGA elite list. We’ve got dairy stars for days, and all our our bucks are *B with daughters, sisters, or both daughters and full sisters on test. We’ve got two ADGA Young Sire Development Program Qualifiers, and in 2020 we had two ADGA Top Ten does."

  • Welcome Home Flat Rocks Silver Kids
  • to AppleJo Farms!!!

Flat Rocks Silver Goat Kids

  • New to Goats? Need Help Identifying Goat Health Concerns & how to care for them? The Informational Pages Below are packed with must learn Goat Care. Feel free to print them off and to email me with questions:                                                 
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Doelings and Bucklings For Sale
AppleJo Farms is an
ADGA Registered Herd Name
American Dairy Goat Association Member

Contact me: 417-665-8996 by first texting.

Old Mountain Farm, Promisedland, Urban Acres, Sinai Thunder and Buffalo Clover bloodlines.
ADGA AppleJo Farms Registered Nigerian Dairy Goats are also Registerable with the American Goat Society (AGS)
 ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
American Goat Society, Inc.  
American Goat Society
  • Member of American Dairy Goat Association
  • Member of American Goat Society
  • Member of American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association
  • Member of Southwest Missouri Dairy Goat Association

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AppleJo Farms is dedicated to breeding, nurturing and placing Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats with Farms where they will flourish!


The Gateway to the Lake of the Ozarks: Eldon, Missouri 

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