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How To Hand Milk A Goat

Learn How to Hand Milk a Goat

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the udder before beginning. This helps avoid getting bacteria into your milk pail. Ensure the teat skin surface is clean and dry before milking
Step 2: Use a strip cup to prime the teats for milking and check for any possible visual signs of mastitis infection.
Step 3: Milking is done by placing the thumb and forefinger together and pinching the top of the teat, where it meets the bulge of the udder. These two fingers trap the milk in the teat, preventing it from moving back into the udder when the teat is squeezed. Then, with the rest of your fingers, work the milk out of the teat until no more milk comes out of the teats.
Step 4: After milking, it will take a teat about 15 mins to close back up, thus, you want to make sure to use a teat dip to help stop bacteria which has the potential to enter the udder from the teat end and cause mastitis.
How to hand milk a goat

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