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What records are used (or not used) for production evaluations?  A variety of necessary data components that contribute to this information.

Information stored in the goat test day database includes:

  • Doe ID information & Control/Index number
  • Kidding date
  • Herd code
  • Lactation number, lactation termination information
  • Days in milk (DIM) and days open
  • Number of test days
  • Last processing date (Proc date)
  • 305 day yields for milk, fat, and protein
  • Lactation type (Complete, in progress, etc.)
  • Test day information which includes Milk, Fat%, Protein%, Somatic Cell info & milking frequency

Sometimes you will see a negative number by the test day amounts.   Milk is noted with a minus symbol if the goat is coded as sick on test day or as a -1 if the milk was estimated or not recorded. Components are stored with that symbol as well for the same variety of reasons.  It does not mean that the value is negative!  Milk yield is always recorded to the nearest 10 lb. although your processing center may report to the nearest 1 lb. on your doe pages.

Dairy goats do not have all of the same evaluation items as dairy cows.  Examples of information not received by ADGA include items such as conception rates, calving ease, and GM$.

All records including those in process up to the first 305 days of each lactation is considered are used for evaluation if they pass the evaluations filters for use.  Shorter records are projected to a 305-day equivalent.  Some of the more frequent reasons that records may be excluded for use in the evaluations include:

  • No registered sire
  • More than one herd for a lactation
  • The record in progress is less than 40 DIM (There must be a test date with DIM > or = 40 days)
  • No test day information for the first 90 DIM
  • The record started with an abortion (coded as such)
  • Owner Sampler record with fewer than 8 tests in the year starting two months before freshening
  • No herdmates for comparison
  • Selection of no publicity option so the record is unavailable to use (DHIR requires selection of publicity)
  • Lactation number greater than the 6th lactation
  • Fat percentage must average at least 2.0
  • Registration errors
  • No test days with component testing

Other reasons that records may not be used are based on conflicts with pedigree or have production information that is invalid or inconsistent with other data in the database.  Owner Sampler records must have a history of test days established before use and a first lactation must be usable to contribute to sire evaluations or generate a doe evaluation.

It is important to also know that even though a record may not be used in evaluations, it is often still considered usable for production records at ADGA if the identification information is correct or can easily be determined.

(Information credit to ADGA): 

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