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ELSPETH-Tiny Hill Farm


Tiny Hill Farm Nigerians have extremely competitive milking genetics, including two Top Ten does in 2020, 15 Elite goats in August 2023, 14 Elite goats in December 2023, and four ADGA Young Sire Development Program Qualifiers in 2020.

  • PD2292178 TINY HILL TOBERMORY Elspeth
  • DOB: 03/25/2023
  • Sex: Doe
  • Disbudded
  • SirePD2119216  TINY HILL FARM MOONAGEDAYDREAM.   Tiny Hill Farm MoonageDaydream *B – David  (Highest living ETA/PTA Elite buck SG Sugar Moon V High Roller ++*B X TOP TEN SG Tiny Hill Farm Sansa 1*M) DOB 3/3/20 Chamoise with white and extensive moon spotting. David qualified for ADGA’s 2020 Young Sire Development Program. This far-out little buckling’s outstanding mammary, milk production, and udder longevity genetics are exactly what we want in our herd. His very first daughter on milk test, Elite Doe SG (pending)Tiny Hill Farm Hazel Decker 7*M is a 99th percentile Elite doe who produced 1,130lbs of milk over her first lactation as a milking yearling. David carries recessive black coat coloration.
  • Elspeth's Sire, Tiny Hill Farm Moonagedaydream, carries strong Sugar Moon, Old Mountain Farm, Promisedland, and Rosasharn genetics. In fact, these are entirely Elspeth's genetics on her Sire's side!

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