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Doe In Heat?

How Do I Know my Doe is in Heat?

When your doe is in heat, she will begin to “wag” her tail back and forth. But if she isn’t in “standing heat”, she may not let the buck breed her even if her tail is wagging.

2. Does will become more TALKATIVE
Some breeds, like Nubians, tend to be more talkative than other breeds and some goats are just naturally more talkative than others. But you may find that your does increase their vocals when they are in heat.

3. INTERESTED in the Buck
When your doe is in heat she will show interest in the buck and will want to “cuddle” and rub up on the buck.

4. Does will have VAGINAL DISCHARGE
A doe in heat will also have vaginal discharge. This will be a clear, gel-like substance. Her vulva may also become red, swollen, and wet. Sometimes the doe will back up to the fence with the buck on the other side and they will breed.

5. Bucks will act BUCKY

Oh, boys. The bucks will stink and start to blubber. They pee on their heads and anywhere else they can reach to give their ladies a fine aroma. And they will waggle their tongue in a true, good ol’ fashioned blubber.

6. More frequent urination

7. Personality Change. Sometimes the does will become more bossy and pushy to the other goats.

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