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Medications Must Have

What are the Medications and treatment products you need to have on hand at all times for your goats?
What are the Medications and treatment products you need to have on hand at all times for your goats?
Fortified Vitamin B Complex

ProBios Gel (OR Goat's Preferred Probiotic gel, OR Jump Start Microbial gel - they are all basically the same thing)

Pritchard nipples 2 or more. They are red with a yellow twist cap - fit on just about any coke bottle)

Blu-Coat (wound dressing)
OR Alu-Shield

Syringes & Needles:
Oral Syringes
6ml syringes
3 ml syringes
1 inch 18 gauge needles 
1 inch 16 gauge needles

Biomycin (does not sting like LA 200) (Antibiotic - if they don't carry it, LA 200 is the same thing, except it stings when given)

C& D Antitoxin no, that's not huge accidentally. If you don't buy anything else, buy this. (NOT the vaccine, the ANTITOXIN, it will be in a 250 ml bottle ... when you need it, you'll need it immediately, not in an hour or a day)

Coppasure Copper Bolus - for supplementation of copper
Specto-guard Scour Check (for pigs) - for ecoli

Vit A, D, & E injectable (if they carry it, I usually have to order it from

Valbazen wormer

Baycox oral 5% for Coccidiosis

Blood Stop powder - I've never had to use it, but a must-have anyway
Red Cell liquid Supplement: Farm Store in horse isle

Prescription Medications
- Must Be Approved By A Veterinarian

These medications are available through your veterinarian:

Bo-Se - Selenium supplement -- to prevent selenium deficiency and white muscle disease in kids

Thiamine (B1) - for goat Polio or Listerosis
Vitamin B12 - for anemia

Dexamethasone - for inflammation after injury or infection as well as to treat aspiration of birth fluids in kids

Nuflor - Super D Duper Antibiotic - for pneumonia and severe illness – this drug is not to be used lightly as it kills ALL bacteria, good and bad, and can severely depress the immune system of a goat with a small infection that could easily have been treated with Biomycin. ALWAYS USE BIOMYCIN or LA200 FIRST. Nuflor is off-label for goats, but the only antibiotic that will treat some illness quickly and efficiently. BURNS like the fires of hell when going in (this drug will *very rarely* be used, and is quite exensive, so if your vet is willing to dispense this drug when needed, you can forgo purchasing)
Some Online companies I use: ValleyVet; Jeffers;
Some of the Non Prescription items may be found at your Farm Supply Store or Feed Store

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