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Medications Must Have

What are the Medications and treatment products you need to have on hand at all times for your goats?
What are the Medications and treatment products you need to have on hand at all times for your goats?

Fortified Vitamin B Complex

ProBios Gel (OR Goat's Preferred Probiotic gel, OR Jump Start Microbial gel - they are all basically the same thing)

Pritchard nipples 2 or more. They are red with a yellow twist cap - fit on just about any coke bottle)

  • Aquaphor—Healing ointment that seals and softens wounds and scabs to promote faster healing. ...
  • Arnica—Gel or Cream—Apply thoroughly to affected area for bruising or sprains until healed. ...
  • Aspirin—Regular strength 1 tablet per 10 pounds of body weight for pain, swelling, fever over 102.5.

Syringes & Needles:

Oral Syringes: 3, 5, 10 mil
Syringes for injections: 3 ml syringes, 5 ml syringes
1 inch 20 gauge needles for thinner medications
1 inch 18 gauge needles for medium thick medications
1 inch 16 gauge needles for thicker medications

Biomycin (now a prescription is required to purchase all antibiotics) (does not sting like LA 200) (Antibiotic - if they don't carry it, LA 200 is the same thing, except it stings when given)
CDT--(Clostridium Perfringes Types C & D-Tetanus Toxoid) is a preventative against enterotoxemia and tetanus caused by Types C & D clostridium tetani, 2cc dose given annually to adult goats.  Kids receive their first 2cc dose at one month of age, their second dose 21 days later and their third dose 21 days after that, then just once yearly.

C& D Antitoxin:  If you don't buy anything else, buy this. (NOT the vaccine, the ANTITOXIN, it will be in a 250 ml bottle ... when you need it, you'll need it immediately, not in an hour or a day)

Coppasure Copper Bolus - for supplementation of copper
Specto-guard Scour Check (for pigs) - for ecoli

Vit A, D, & E injectable (if they carry it at farm store, I usually have to order it from


Baycox oral 5% for Coccidiosis

Blood Stop powder - Rarely used but must-have for hoof trims especially.
Red Cell liquid Supplement or goat drench product: Farm Store in horse isle

Prescription Medications
- Must Be Approved By A Veterinarian

These medications are available through your veterinarian & vitamin nutrients may be purchased at farm supply store:

Bo-Se - Selenium supplement -- to prevent selenium deficiency and white muscle disease in kids (Vet Prescription  required)

Thiamine (B1) - for goat Polio or Listerosis
Vitamin B12 - for anemia

Dexamethasone - for inflammation after injury or infection as well as to treat aspiration of birth fluids in kids

Nuflor (Vet Prescription  required) - Super D Duper Antibiotic - for pneumonia and severe illness – this drug is not to be used lightly as it kills ALL bacteria, good and bad, and can severely depress the immune system of a goat with a small infection that could easily have been treated with Biomycin. ALWAYS USE BIOMYCIN or LA200 FIRST unless otherwise directed by Vet. Nuflor is off-label for goats, but the only antibiotic that will treat some illness quickly and efficiently.
Epinephrine (Vet Prescription required): indicated for emergency use only in treating anaphylactic shock. Rarely needed, however, a must have on hand as it will be needed immediately if you give an injection of medication and goat goes into anaphylactic shock. I have had this happen and kid died 5 minutes after injection of a medication. Vet will give you dosage instructions. Basic dosage for all animals:  1 ml per 100 lbs. of body weight, given IM or SQ.
Goat Health

Goat Medications and First-Aid Must-Haves:

The Short List

  • A digital rectal thermometer should be in any farm first aid box.
  • Vetericyn or Banixx, anti-fungal/anti-bacterial sprays are a good first line of defense when a wound occurs. An inexpensive bottle of contact lens saline solution works well for flushing out the wound first. Hydrogen peroxide and betadine solution are also kept for wound care. A bottle of rubbing alcohol is useful for cleaning up the scissors, tweezers, or other non-disposable instruments. 
  • For When the Kids are on the Way:
  • Lubricant, paper towels, and disposable exam gloves 
  • Other necessary items:
  • a goat milking stand is a handy item to have when caring for goats
  • Broad Spectrum Dewormers: Valbazen(DO NOT use if goat is pregnant);  Prohibit (levamisole); Cydectin
  • Epinephrine: is indicated for emergency use only in treating anaphylactic shock. 

· Baycox or Toltrazuril 5% Liquid Solution for prevention of coccidiosis in young kids

  • Goat specific minerals(must be feed free choice at all times)
  • Blood stop powder or ointment:  keep this product on hand and us it any time a hoof is trimmed too closely and causes capillary bleeding or when disbudding causes continued bleeding after the area is sterilized with Betadine.
  • Syringes 1 or 2 or 3 sizes of needles to use according to how thick your medication is.
  • Hoof trimmer
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Goat Care forms to record when and what you do to your goat.
  • Goat bloat treatment
  • Red Cell or Goat Drench Nutrients
  • Ammonium Chloride: use in daily feed portion for male goats only to prevent urinary calculi (1/8 teaspoon per buck or wether) 

Good places to get goat necessities:


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