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Certificate of Registry for Your Goats

What do the Goat ACRONYMS on your ADGA Certificate of Registry mean?


+ – Good Plus (Linear)
+B – Plus Buck earned from offspring production information
*B – Star Buck awarded from parent production information
*M – Star Milker
A – Acceptable (Linear)
AI – Artificial Insemination
AM – American (Herdbook)
AR – Advanced Registry Milk Awards
AS1C – Alpha S1 Casein
BDIS – Best Doe in Show
BOB – Best of Breed
BOS – Best of Show
BU – Best Udder
BUOB – Best Udder of Breed
BUOS – Best Udder of Show
CAE – Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis
CL – Caseous Lymphadenitis
CH – Champion
D/AV – Daughter Average
D – Dam
DHI – Dairy Herd Improvement
DHIA – Dairy Herd Improvement Association
DHIR – Dairy Herd Improvement Registry
DIM – Days in Milk
DNA – Deoxyribonucleic Acid
DRPC – Dairy Records Processing Center
E – Excellent (Linear)
EC – ADGA Executive Committee
EC – Extremely Correct (Linear)
ET – Embryo Transfer
ETA – Estimated Transmitting Ability
F – Fair (Linear)
FS – Final Score (Linear)
G6-S – G6-Sulfatase Deficiency
GCH – Grand Champion
ITP – Innovative Test Plan (non traditional DHI plans accepted by ADGA – see DHI Glossary)
JCH – Junior Champion
LA – Linear Appraisal
MSL – Medial Suspensory Ligament
NOA – Native on Appearance
OS – Owner Sampler test plan – see FAQ section for DHIR
P – Poor (Linear)
PB – Purebred (Herdbook)
PTA – Predicted Transmitting Ability
PTI – Production Type Index
RCH – Reserve Champion
REL – Reliability
RG – Recorded Grade
ROA – Report of Awards
RT – Reproductive Technologies
S – Sire
SG – Superior Genetics
SGCH- Superior Genetics Grand Champion
ST – Star Volume Milk Awards
(J)TC – Judges Training Conference
(Pre)TC – Pre Judges Training Conference
VG – Very Good (Linear)
VT – Verification Test


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