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#AppleJoBKReS AppleJo Farms Goat Activity Coloring Book

AppleJo Farms Goat Activity Coloring Book
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AppleJo Farms Goat Activity Coloring Book

AppleJo Farms Goat Activity Coloring Book

AppleJo Farms Goat Activity Coloring Book


  • 24 pages
  • High quality cover and activity pages
  • Designed for pre-school up through junior high school children & adults with special interest in learning about Goats and Goat care
  • It is a fun way for children to learn many important facts about Goats & their care.
  • May be included in Homeschooling studies


On the Farm Coloring Book (2)

AppleJo Farms Goat Activity Coloring Book

Promoting Goat Education
New Goat Activity Coloring Book!
Special introductory price $6.50 plus shipping. Save when paying by mail & save on shipping when ordering multiple copies! May be ordered with credit card or Paypal also.
This is a full 8.5" by 11" workbook containing 24 quality made pages. It is giftable and a classroom tool as well.
Let's Color, draw and learn about caring for Goats and their kids.
  • Learn what type of animals goats are
  • What must they eat and why
  • Other features include Hoof Trimming, Goat Minerals and Shelter
  • Learn about Goat Kids, how to handle them and what to call them
  • Problem solving features, counting and writing and spelling and coloring are enjoyed in an engaging workbook setting
  • Homeschooling friendly too
  • Research to be done online is also a feature
  • Learn about Parasites in Goats as well as other goat care

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AppleJo Farms
Goat Activity Book
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