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Pneumonia Prevention: Vaccinate

Pneumonia Prevention: Vaccinate

Pneumonia has become such a problem in goat herds that I have begun to vaccinate my herd with the Pneumonia Vaccine. Some recommend Presponse HM pneumonia vaccine by Beringer Ingleheim to prevent pneumonia. This is a cattle vaccine that is used off-label for goats, so upon the recommendation of your veterinarian, I dose 1 cc SQ for all goats under 60 pounds live weight and 2 cc for goats over 60 pounds liveweight, given 3-4 weeks apart and annually thereafter. Some say Presponse HM vaccine to be much more effective than the older Colorado Serum pneumonia vaccine, even though that vaccine was made for use with goats.
From Jeffers: I use Colorado Serum pneumonia vaccine with success personally.
  • Pasteurella (Pneumonia) Vaccine:
Mannheimia Haemolytica-Pasteurella Multocida Bacterin
For vaccination of healthy goats, sheep, and cattle as an aid in the prevention of pneumonia caused by Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida.
  • Dosage:
Give first at 6 weeks and then repeat in 2-4 weeks. Inject 2 mL SQ and repeat in 2-4 weeks. 21-day slaughter withdrawal.
Brand: Colorado Serum
Form: Injectable
Reviews: " I have found that it has saved the lives of our goats and sheep ever since we started using it. I give the required shot with a booster two weeks later for the first time I use it on a goat or sheep. After that, I give them a booster shot once a year and have not had any issues with pneumonia in my livestock since. We live in a desert plains area where in the spring and fall the weather and temps fluctuate a lot from hot to cold. But because we are also on the desert prairies of central Washington, we also get the extreme cold wind chill factors in the wintertime. The Pasteurella has saved the loss of our herds due to pneumonia as long as we make sure that they get their vaccines."
  • Prevention Type: Shipping Fever (Pneumonia), Respiratory

Pasteurella (Pneumonia) Vaccine

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