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#Health Exam Vet Wellness Exam

Vet Wellness Exam
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Vet Health Check Wellness Exam

  • Performed by Vet at University of Missouri in Columbia, MO

What does Vet Health Check include:

  • Vet taking a complete health history of your goat
  • Listening to your goat's lungs and heart
  • Checking your goat's stance, gait, and weight (looking for any abnormalities
  • Examining your goat's eyes for signs of excessive tearing, discharge, redness, cloudiness, or eyelid issues
  • Checking goat's coat for overall condition, abnormal hair loss, dandruff or sores
  • Examining hoofs 
  • Looking at goat's ears for signs of bacterial infection or ear mites
  • Examining teeth for proper bite 
  • Checking skin for problems such as parasites, dryness, lumps, and bumps 
  • Feeling goat's body (palpating) for hints of illness including swelling, evidence of lameness ( such as limited range of motion), and signs of pain
  • This examination is meant to find signs of any visible health problems your  goat could be experiencing. Because goats aren't able to tell us what they are physically feeling, this Health Exam performed by trained Vet's help to determine the overall health of your animal.
  • A copy of Vet's Health Exam results will be emailed to AppleJo Farms and then forwarded to your email.
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Health Exam


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