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#HomeKit Goat Homecoming Wellness Package

Goat Homecoming Wellness Package
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Goat Homecoming Wellness Package

AppleJo Farms wants you to succeed in caring for your goat(s) and enjoy many happy healthy years together, thus I created this special Goat Homecoming Wellness Package for you.

Note: Do not wait to order until you get your new Goat home. This wellness package contains essential care products needed when you have your Goat Homecoming! It also will help you know what to order for continued use for your goats care. When goats need specific health care, you usually do NOT have days to address the problem. They die quickly left untreated.

What your Package will consist of and you will get at AppleJo Farms pick-up or by ordering here for shipment to you:

  • De-wormer Information Guide for most used Goat Dewormers
  • Basic Medication List you need to have on hand & online best places to purchase
  • 10 ml Baycox 5% Coccidiosis De-Wormer follow up doses with oral syringe (especially important to have when bringing kids home because they are most in danger of getting Coccidiosis and dying quickly thereafter.) Suggested dosage information included. 
  • 10 ml Cydectin Broad Spectrum De-Wormer doses with oral syringe. Dosage information included.
  • 10 ml Red Cell Drench vitamin/mineral dose with oral syringe. Information sheet included
  • 1 new 18 gauge needle & syringe for future use to make an injection
  • 2 servings package Kelp (2 Tablespoons)
  • 2 servings package of Goat Minerals ( 2 Tablespoons)
  • A suggested grain, hay, and mineral/vitamin list

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Wellness Package
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