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#StarCallum Kids Star + Callum Kids

Star + Callum Kids
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Star is bred to Callum and expecting her Kids in February 2024!

Dam: Urban Acres SW-PS North Star

Why would you choose kids from Star & Callum?

  • Star is sired by a *B buck and her Dam is from a line of Superior Genetics Champions.
  • Star has blue eyes
  • We bred Star with her high potential of passing on outstanding dairy goat confirmation genetics to her kids, with Callum who is from the #1 Silver Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat breeder in the country, Flat Rocks. It is our goal to produce Silvers which also have a generous dairy side in production. 


  • Sex: Doe
  • DOB: 3-1-2022
  • Description: Chocolate & White
  • Horn Information: Disbudded
  • Bred by: Jena Williams, Urban Acres, Seabeck WA
  • ADGA Registration # PD2251564

Sire: PD2085628 *DNA* Springwater Al Pie In Yer Eye  *B buck

Dam (Below): PD2044223 Urban Acres CRF-BH Reflection (pictured below- photo credit to Ashlee Wood)


Dam's Dam (below): PD1632590 *DNA* SGCH Urban Acres ASD Aurora  3*M  AR2014  LA2019,2017,2015



Sire's Dam (below): PD1721993 *DNA* SGCH FMG DB&R Easy As Pie

AI   3*M AR2016 ST2018 LA2019,2018,2017




Sire: PD2169858 FLAT ROCK'S DRENGR, polled

Photo credit to Flat Rock's (Drengr-8 mos old)
Polled Silver Chamoise
​with Blue Eyes

Sire's Sire:
Dreahook SA Silver Key
(Flat Rock's Silver Arrow x 
Dreahook SS Royal Amethyst​​​​​​)

Sire's Dam:
Flat Rock's Greyjoy
(Flat Rock's OhCaptainMyCaptain 
x Flat Rock's Mythril Silver)



Flat Rock's Nine pictured below (photo credit to Flat Rocks)

Callum's Sire: Dill's ROD Fun Guy
(Dill's FW Ride or Die *B x
Dill's BF My Kinda Party)

Callum's Dam:
Flat Rock's Seven Up
(MCH Flat Rock's Fox Fire E ++B x
Flat Rock's Sea Siren)

Look at Star's Genetics!!!

Sire: Springwater AL Pie In Yer Eye *B
SSS: SG Old Mountain Farm Nightshade
SSD: SG Sugar Moon RB Gianna 2*M VVEE89 (TOP10 ELITE)
SS: SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro +*B (ELITE)
SDS: SG Dills RD Big & Rich +*B
SDD: SG FMG JRRM Fine N’ Dandy 2*M
SD: SGCH FMG DB&R Easy As Pie 3*M (TOP10)
Dam: Urban Acres CRF-BH Reflection
DSS: CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir +B
DSD: GCH Algedi Farm S Honey Heart 5*M VVEV87
DS: Castle Rock GN Blackheart *B
DDS: Algedi Farm MH Space Dust +*B VVV85
DDD: GCH Urban Acres UG Blue Sky 2*M +EEV87
SD: SGCH Urban Acres ASD Aurora 3*M EEEE92
AppleJo Farms
bucklingdoeling Reservati
StarCallum Kids
I am placing a Reservation for a doeling from Cullum & Star. I understand the cost is a $200.00 non-refundable deposit. If anything happens on our end to make the kid not available, you will get your deposit back.
I am placing a Reservation for a buckling from Callum & Star. I understand the cost is a $200.00 non-refundable deposit. If anything happens on our end to make the kid not available, you will get your deposit back.
I wish to be notified when Callum & Star have their kids. This is a FREE Service for you.
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