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#HT23 Vintage Hallmark General Store Tin Canister

Hallmark Country General Store

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  • Vintage Hallmark General Store Tin/Canister

  • Size: 7.5" by 6"
  • Product #450EBC87-2 
  • Hallmark Cards, Inc.  Kansas City, Mo 64141
  • Made in U.S.A. 1987
  • Detailed & Colorful retro graphics
  • Market price, low to high at this time is $10.00 up to $30.00
  • Condition: Excellent; Almost Like New; Not New. Nicely cared for tin. Exterior shows perfect condition with very very little sign of use. Interior, as with all these tins, shows a few small dents. Exterior shows no scratches or dings visible as you hold it or set it on a shelf. Very very well cared for.

Vintage Hallmark Metal Tin Container Country General Grocery Store USA 7.5" Tall - Picture 7 of 12

Jo's Notes: This tin is the larger one made and truly is canister size. Another slightly smaller size one with the same theme but different items pictured is #425EBC88-2 and if I understand correctly it was released in 1988 as a matching canister (different details) to this larger one listed here. Another shorter tin in the same theme (different details) was released by Hallmark in 1986.

This Hallmark tin canister is perfect for use as storage & adding a touch of Vintage decor style to your home. A Historical piece as well. The 1800's to early 1900's general stores with counters and shelves filled of all types of merchandise was a special time in our history. General stores in the 1800s were not just the place to buy groceries, clothing, tools and seed. They often served as a town center. Going to the general store was a chance to socialize with other families and catch up on the latest news. Often you'd find the owners cat or dog laying peacefully somewhere in the store just as pictured on this General Store tin. Complete with the Cracker barrel, basket of Winsap apples for 7 cents a l.; Peppers, Texas Oranges and Missouri Apples' bin; colorful bags of flour; baskets of potatoes; countertop filled with candy jars, egg basket full of fresh farm eggs & a scale for weighing produce hanging above; fresh bread box and a giant coffee bean grinder. 

Out of necessity, country stores, or general stores, started during the colonial period for the many pioneers who lived outside urban markets. Many owners of these mercantiles began as roving peddlers. Once they had accumulated enough capital and inventory, they often established permanent locations in settlements with a need and likely profit. Others, however, would specifically move too quickly growing areas or crossroads, knowing that they would be successful. This was particularly true in boomtowns, such as mining camps or railroad towns. In many cases, the “peddler” and his “store” would move along to the next booming community if, and when, the boomtown and its profits declined. In many instances, the country store would be the first business in a new settlement, and sometimes, the town itself would take its name from the store itself. This was not necessarily because the area residents wanted it that way. When the number of area residents grew large enough, the post office was generally located in the General Store. And who was the potential postmaster that requested a post office and name? — The proprietor of that very same establishment. Sometimes, the owner was also the town clerk, served as Justice of the Peace, or even an undertaker.

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