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#F12 Vintage Wooden Food Tamper/Stomper/Masher

Vintage Wooden Food Tamper/Stomper/Masher
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Primitive Decor, Antique Decor, Kitchen Decor, Farmhouse Decor

Vintage Wooden Food


Vintage Wooden Food  Tamper/Stomper/Masher

  • Wooden, 2 pieces (base & handle), Fits perfectly together. (If you want the 2 parts to be permanently joined, you can add glue to accomplish this)
  • Solid wood with tiny surface holes as found in nature
  • Uses: Decor Item. Cabbage tamper perfect for mashing all the juice out of your cabbage when making sauerkraut. The long handle means you can smash the cabbage right in your fermenting crock. May be used as a potato masher. I use mine to peel my garlic cloves. Lay garlic clove on cutting board and make a firm pounding motion. The peels come right off and your cloves are ready to use as you wish. May be used as a crusher for graham or saltine crackers. Plus much more. 

Vintage Wooden Food  Tamper/Stomper/Masher

Vintage Wooden Food  Tamper/Stomper/Masher

Vintage Wooden Food  Tamper/Stomper/Masher

Jo's Note: "I love Farmhouse Decor and especially when I can use it, wash & dry it and replace on the shelf for a decoration. This Vintage Stomper appears to have been never or rarely used. It's a beautiful vintage piece with character too!"

Examples of others: See below

It seems the antique potato Mashers are gaining in popularity with Farmhouse fans. I've seen them stacked on shelves, tossed into pottery bowls and lined up neatly like little soldiers on soffits. These three antique wooden potato Mashers are in rustic primitive condition. One appears to be more aged and more used than the other. All 3 have signs of being well used. The first masher and the smallest measures approximately 9 in in height. It has a rather rounded base, so it will not set up right

Vintage History: Invented in 1887. This is the year that inventors Jacob Fitzgerald and William H. Silver were awarded a patent for a “potato-masher and fruit-crusher.” With the machine age, the wood masher evolved into a hand or machine-turned wooden mallet such as you see here. The device, which later came to be known as a “potato ricer,” works by crushing the potato through a sheet of small holes, akin to a garlic press.

Ancient History: Wooden potato mashers like the one we have in our collection were often round, heavy wooden objects with handles and flat bottoms. Wooden mashers date back to the Pharaohs in Egypt. They would not only use the masher to mash vegetables and seeds but also grains to make beer.

Decorator Ideas:

Use to hang your aprons or towels on or just as they are for a country home touch!

Rolling Pin Hook Rack image 1

These can be made by cutting rolling pins in half or use wooden Food Stompers such as this one for sale in our AppleJo Farms Store!

Mount it on a Vintage board to hang.

Start A Vintage Kitchen Collection of Your Own!

  • start collecting some of these cool vintage kitchen items
  • mix and match vintage kitchen collections for display 
  • some things pre-used…some of them handcrafted
  • let your family & friends know you have started a Vintage Kitchen Collection and they might want to contribute some items of their own or keep an eye out for items with you in mind

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