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Rosasharn's WS Citrine


Rosasharn is one of the U.S. first Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Herds

Sex: Doe
Horn Type: Disbudded
ADGA Registered: PD2213843
ROSASHARN WS CITRINE has 2 beautiful baby girls for sale, Daffadil & Millie May! Just born Thursday Feb. 8, 2024!
Eldon, Mo
Text first please: 417-665-8996
text: 417-665-8996
We offer transport in Missouri and Northern Arkansas
Daffadil: Citrine's baby

Rosasharn's WS Citrine

  • Citrine was chosen for her exceptional Rosasharn dairy and show genetics. It is an honor to own a Rosasharn goat. Rosasharn is a nationally recognized herd of Authentic Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats located in Rehoboth, MA. All of their goats trace their ancestry directly back to the original foundation Nigerians in the AGS herd book. Since ADGA opened a Nigerian herdbook Rosasharn goats have been registered with ADGA, the American Dairy Goat Association, and can be registered with AGS, the American Goat Society as well. Rosasharn herd has achieved top awards in the show ring, including many National Champion titles, and recognition for top milk production, proven by their long history of participation in DHIR, Dairy Herd Improvement Registry, and a historic presence on the ADGA and AGS Top Ten milk production listings. Rosasharn also participates in and achieves high scores in ADGA's Linear Appraisal program. By now most Nigerians trace some of their ancestry back to Rosasharn!
  • Rosasharn WS Citrine

    ADGA Registration: PD2213843

    Name: Rosasharn WS Citrine

    Sex: Doe

    DOB: 3-2-2021

    Description: Gold and White

    Horn Information: Disbudded

    Tattoo:  RE: RAS2  LE: N6

    Bred by: Anne Petersen Rehoboth, MA

    Sire: Rosasharn PLW Will Shakespeare PD1717388 *DNA* 

  • Rosasharn PLW Will Shakespeare +*B

    Sire: Rosasharn Prince LiteningWhelk ++*B
    Dam: SG Rosasharn SH Sonnet 5*M

    DOB: 02/05/15

    LA: 86 (+VE) @ 03-06

    *B  LA2018,2017,2016  Pictured below, Citrine's Sire, ROSASHARN PLW WILL SHAKESPEARE. (picture credit to Rosasharn)


    Dam: Rosasharn RB Picea Blue Pearl PD2056638

    Rosasharn RB Picea Blue Pearl 9*M

    Sire: Short on Heaven Rain Boots +*B
    Dam: Rosasharn SM Winter Holly 8*M

    DOB: 08/11/19

    LA: 86 (+VVV) @ 02-11

Pictured below is Citrine's Dam, Rosasharn RB Picea Blue Pearl. Picture credit to Rosasharn.

Rosasharn RB Picea Blue Pearl

  • Citrine's Lab Results are in and they are all negative! 

Testing Lab: TVMDL - College Station
Case Coordinator: Melanie Landis, DVM
Date Received: 05/12/2023
Report Date: 05/16/2023

University of Missouri Veterinary

Diagnostic Lab
P. O. Box 6023
Columbia, MO 65205
Owner: Joanna Mertz
Veterinarian: Dr. Mike Zhang

Test: Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis - Caprine/Ovine (SHI)

23-12212-3 Citrine :: Serum



Additional Information about Citrine's Sire:

  • Sire: Rosasharn PLW Will Shakespeare *B +VE 86 @ 03-06

       D001717388 (PB Buck) 

       DOB: 2/5/2015 Breed Percent: 100% D LA: FS86 

Nigerian Dwarf Buck    

Additional Information about Citrine's Dam:             

DOB: 3/2/2021
Breed Percent: 100% D

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