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Coccidiosis Treatment

Coccidiosis Treatment in Goats

Coccidiosis in Kids!
  • What is Effective Treatment
  • When to Start Treatment
  • How does it work
  • Where to order Product to Treat Coccidiosis
Coccidiosis is the #1 killer in kids 1 year of age and younger.
  • A Coccidia Treatment: Deccox or Rumensin (Monensin) feed for the first four months or administer other coccidiostats as recommended by a veterinarian for your area. Deccox can also be added to loose salt at the rate of 2 lbs. Deccox to 50 lbs. loose salt. There are several Bovatek salts available that don’t need to be mixed. Sweetlix makes a mineral salt containing Rumensin.
  • AppleJo Farm uses Baycox only for Coccidia Treatment. It's gentle on their stomach and it's a two Dose treatment. Commercial sheep breeders use this because it is highly effective and really saves lives.
  • Dosage: Kids should get 1 dose at 1 week and 1 dose  14 days later, and 1 dose when they are weaned at 8 weeks, then 1 dose monthly through month 5 and 1 time annually. Dosage: 1 ml up to 5.5 lbs. 
  •  Shake well before use. Each animal should be treated with a single dose of 20 mg toltrazuril/kg body weight corresponding to 1 mL Baycox per 2.5 kg body weight. Administer a single oral dose at 1 week of age.

  • To obtain maximum benefit, goats should be treated in the prepatent period before the expected onset of clinical signs. The prepatent period of Eimeria ovinoidalis is 12-15 days and the prepatent period of Eimeria crandalis is 15-20 days.

  • To obtain maximum benefit, kids should be treated in the prepatent period- before the expected onset of clinical signs.
  • Fact: Toltrazuril (Baycox) is active against all intracellular stages of coccidia.
  • Where to Purchase: Baycox is a Brand Name and has worked really well for AppleJo Farms. You can purchase it on some websites under the drug name: (toltrazuril) 5% Oral Suspension(make sure it is the 5%). You can buy as Toltrazuril 5% from I often buy it on Ebay as Baycox.
  • Storage: Store below 86 degrees F. Protect from freezing.
  • Does it work at all stages of coccidia development: Toltrazuril is active against all intracellular stages of coccidia, including schizonts, micro and macrogamonts. It interferes with the division of the protozoal nucleus, the activity of the mitochondria and damages the wall forming bodies in the microgametes. Toltrazuril produces severe vacuolisation of the protozoal endoplasmic reticulum in all intracellular development stages.

How long does it last: After oral administration, toltrazuril is absorbed slowly from the gut, indicated by a radio-active study using [triazine-2-14C]-marked toltrazuril. This is followed by a long-lasting distribution among the different compartments of the body. The plasma half-life is about 170 hours in lambs & kids (approx. 5 days). Excretion is characterized by a high fecal fraction with a relatively high excretion rate. There is no significant enterohepatic circulation.

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