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Sewing/Crafts/Country Decor

Sewing/Crafts/Country Decor

Do you want to create the feeling of living in a rustic Home or Country retreat? We hope you'll be inspired with our variety of  Vintage homestead country-inspired furnishings & DIY craft items. Here's a little inspiration from AppleJo Farms Homestead Store for decorating your home and making gifts this winter season!

You can choose from a variety of country themed items to decorate in the Homestead vintage Style. Your ideal DIY country home is waiting for you. All you need to do is start collecting, sewing, crafting and decorating. It's a budget-friendly way to get the perfect look you see in all the magazines without that hefty price tag.

Perhaps you need inspiration on how to decorate with these items to create your perfect Country Homestead look?

As you shop in my Homestead Store, each item listed, has a decorators tip section where you will find your inspiration! Get illustrated ideas on how to decorate with these vintage items you have collected or created. 

Old trunk filled with winter squash and pinecones.

Here are a few vintage containers that can be used for Vintage decor…

  • Old teapots
  • Milk glass
  • Vintage buckets
  • Dishware of all kinds
  • Vintage picnic baskets
  • Ball jars
  • Tin containers
  • Thermoses
  • Old bottles
  • Soda boxes
  • Enamelware

To maintain some cohesiveness in your home you might want to consider decorating in themes.  For example, during the summer I might use my vintage garden supplies such as tools, buckets and baskets.  In the autumn, I like to focus on containers that might reflect the harvest season such as crocks and vintage canning jars.  In the spring I might use vintage soup tureens to hold bird nests, branches and eggs.  It’s fairly simple to create vignettes when you have a theme to work with.  Do you need some ideas to get started?  Check out my list of seasonal themes below to get some ideas for your vintage style decorating.

If you don’t love it then pass it on

To help minimize disorganization and clutter be sure to keep and use only those items that you truly love.  Otherwise you will end up with piles of things that don’t bring you joy.  If you collect so much that you can’t even find items, them maybe it’s time to go through your stash and weed out some of the items that aren’t your favorites.  It can be hard to let go when you love vintage and you know that they’re in short supply.  But if it’s just sitting in a box and not being enjoyed them maybe it needs to find a new home.

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