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Archie-Old Mountain Farm-Sugar Moon-Promisedland

It is with great excitement AppleJo Farms welcomes

this amazing new Buck!

Purebred Buckling: ARCHIE

Purebred Buckling: ARCHIE

Thanks to American Jewell Farm, Archie will be added to our farms' breeding schedule!

About Archie:

The Old Mountain Farm & Sugar Moon herds are ADGA HERDS OF DISTINCTION, herds which have demonstrated a level of distinction above all others over time by ADGA programs such as DHI Production, Linear Appraisal and Shows. The ADGA Herd of Distinction Award honors only dedicated breeders whose high standards, perseverance, and success continue to elevate the quality and standards for dairy goats in the United States and ultimately throughout the rest of the world.

Archie's Dam: Old School Creamery Annie Bies Pedigree

Sire: Old Mountain Farm JustPlainEd

SS: Old Mountain Farm Nightshade

SSS: SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos LA89

SSD: Old Mountain Farm BrownI'dSuzn

SD: CH Old Mountain Farm Millet

SDS: SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos LA89

SDD: Old Mountain Farm Mary Jane

Dam: Old Mountain Farm AnnaJay

DS: Old Mountain Farm Romeo +B

DSS: Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip

DSD: Old Mountain Farm Nilam Bukit

DD: SG AGS Old Mountain Farm Anna Jarvis 2*M LA91

DDS: Inavale Paradigm 'E

DDD: MCH Old Mountain Farm Dubonnet

"Old School Creamery Annie Bies comes out of Old Mountain Farm AnnaJay and Old Mountain Farm JustPlainEd.  Her rear leg set, angularity, open escutcheon, dairy character, and beautiful head are remarkable.  She was one of triplet doelings who were all so nice, I couldn't decide which one to keep.  Ultimately, something about her markings and general appearance reminded me of her granddam, Old Mountain Farm Anna Jarvis, and I couldn't unsee it once I made that connection. Anna's first freshening was of a beautiful single doeling.  Her udder is definitely not a disappointment.  Her udder is socked on and her teats are perfectly placed."-Mary Tyler Jordan (all information & pictures courtesy of American Jewell Farm) 

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Sire (below): Amethyst Acres Belle Fiorello *B

"This buck comes from a pedigree that is FULL of milk!  Top and bottom, this pedigree is loaded with power house milkers that start with his dam.  I bought him solely for his potential to improve milk production in my herd and was so pleased that his conformation was not lacking.  He has a beautiful topline, sharp withers, straight legs, and nice brisket extension.   Between his pedigree, conformation, and sweet personality, Belle is the full package." -Mary Tyler Jordan of American Jewel Farm.

Sire: Sugar Moon NS Ezekiel (3rd highest living estimated transmitting ability  2:1 (ETA 2:1 +264))

SS: SG Old Mountain Farm Nightshade

SSS: SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos ++*B, Elite

SSD: CH Old Mountain Farm BrownI'dSuzn LA90

SD: SG NC Promisedland Sia Zena 3*M 6*D, Elite

SDS: NC Promisedland SS Sam I Am ++*B

SDD: SG NC Promisedland BW Zippy 2*M VEEE 90

Dam: Sugar Moon F Belle Fleur 5*M, Elite (teats pictured below)

(Above) Sugar Moon F Belle Fleur 5*M, Elite is an ADGA Top Ten producer.  What makes her even more special than the fact that she produces loads of milk, though, is that her udder is well attached with beautifully placed/ easy to milk teats.  Photo courtesy of Amethyst Acres, Maine. 

DS: Sugar Moon O Ferrero *B

DSS: SG NC Promisedland RC Odyssey +*B

DSD: SG Sugar Moon Nut-Ella 3*M

DD: SG Sugar Moon V Zuzanna 4*M, Elite

DDS: SG Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas +*B, Elite

DDD: SG NC Promisedland Sia Zena 3*M 6*D, Elite

GrandDam (below): SG Sugar Moon V Zuzanna 4*M, Elite (2017-2018 ADGA TOP 10 and All-Time NIGERIAN DWA

"When it comes to milk production, Sugar Moon Zuzanna is going to go down into Nigerian Dwarf history.   

SG Sugar Moon V Zuzanna 4*M (Elite Doe) has the Highest Living PTA Milk +273 & 2nd highest of all time (2015-2019 Elite Doe 99th percentile) All time Nigerian dwarf Milk production Record holder 2190LBS!"-Photo & information courtesy of Amethyst Acres, Maine.

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