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Beginning 2021:

Reservations & Waitlist
After experimenting with different methods of announcing kids for sale, I will offer Reservations with $100 non-refundable deposit (unless I decide to retain the kid or there is no kid or because of a health problem), as well as a Free Waitlist beginning January 2021.

Reservations: I offer one doe kid reservation per doe and one buckling kid reservation per doe with a $100 deposit for reservations on pre-born kids.  This option is for you if you are certain you want a kid from a specific doe. When the healthy kid is born and if you decide you no longer want it, there is no refund of your deposit. If something goes wrong on my end or I decide to retain the kid, your entire deposit of $100 will be refunded.

I do take multiple no-charge Waitlist requests, with no obligations. 
Wait-list:  There is no deposit or charge to be on the waitlist, and kids which are not retained or reserved by deposit are offered to those on the wait list for that doe before being advertised as available. You may be on the waitlist for more than one doe, so this is a good option for 2nd and 3rd choices. For  Wait-list, simply click on the Wait-list Form option below and complete your information.

When kids become available, I will notify you by email, or by phone call or text message that your kid is available, along with the kid's price.

The kid is sold to the first person who makes their 50% non-refundable deposit.

Once you agree to purchase a kid from the waitlist, you will be asked to get the deposit to me within 2 days. Deposit is 50%. This is non-refundable unless something goes wrong on my end.

Payment: For both Reservation and Wait-list purchases, the balance will be due, in cash, at the time you pick up the kid.

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